Burton’s Women’s Pack

I just found this link in my Drafts and it needs to be shared!! This article talks about Burton’s process of designing their women’s-specific backpacks.

What makes a women’s pack? – BurtonGirls

By keeping an eye on the market and taking notes from Burton’s annual Rider Roundtable, the product line merchandisers determine the needs of the riders and the cost. The designers decide what these features will actually look like: shape, color, how it fits, et cetera. They bring the bag to life. Meanwhile, the developers mesh the needs of these two roles to create a well-designed, affordable pack.

This process reflects a similar process I’ve experienced in my career.  Bringing a product to life is the result of lots of hard work by lots of different people – it starts with determining needs and features, then conceiving an appropriate and trendy solution, and finally developing a product of excellent quality and cost!

The main feature of Women’s Fit are the straps. With a modified chest clip, waist clip, and form-fitting shape, the straps curve to provide a more comfortable, personalized pack for women.

Reviewing some strap samples. Image from Burton (linked)

It’s so cool that they do product reviews with their athletes like this (below), sitting around a coffee table with snacks! They call these “Rider Roundtables”  Follow the link to get an inside look at the 2015 Roundtable!

Example of a Rider Roundtable. Um…Do I see sour gummy worms?! Image from Burton (linked)

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