Saying Yes: Doing More, Regretting Less

Say Yes to adventure and No to FOMO! I started reading this article and really relating to Kresten’s words of excuses and fears but I promise you it quickly turns around:

Long weeks at work often end with me wishing for nothing more than couch time. If I’m not tempted by that, there’s life’s demands and its laundry list of reasons screaming at me to stay in. And then, of course, there’s the presence of my ever-thinning wallet.

But my biggest barrier to getting out there is a fear of the unknown.

I cringe at the idea of embarrassing myself while learning new sports and activities…

Are we the same person?  She talks about the pressures of living in a stereotypically outdoorsy city such as Boulder, Colorado only compounded her fears – for me, living in Vancouver, Canada (a city with a similar Adventure vibe) only multiplies my feelings of athletic inadequacy.  Thank goodness I sometimes get past this and say Yes, because some of MY best adventures have some from saying Yes too!

Saying Yes: Doing More, Regretting Less – Outdoor Women’s Alliance, by Kersten Vasey

Image as seen on Outdoor Women’s Alliance (linked). Photo credit Kresten Vasey.

What are some of your favourite adventures? Two surprising ones for me recently have been ski-touring on Decker Mountain last winter (I didn’t believe I could make it to the top) and hiking on Mount Baker and finding mountain goats (despite the horrible amounts of forest fire smoke tarnishing the views).

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