Iphone Case Exploration

Project Summary: A case study done as part of an application for a Carry company. (2012)

The assignment was to pick an upcoming trend and design two iphone cases for two different price-points and markets. One would be for the Apple store and one would be for Target. The trend I chose to focus on was “Ordinary Elevated” and the idea that less in more.


The Target case is a super sleek faux suede with a reflective HF Weld accent. It can be constructed from a single piece of fabric with two seams at the top and bottom and one up the center-back. The Apple case uses predominantly natural materials: leather and wool felt for an accent. Lined with a laminated nylon, the leather is moulded into shape and stitched together, front to back, sandwiching the felt in place. In hindsight, the U-shape required for the felt would probably create a lot of material waste in production… But now I know!

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