Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Patagonia Sleeping Bag Line: Innovative Hybrid – Gear Junkie

We all know one of THE WORST parts of camping is getting out of your warm sleeping bag in the morning and facing the cold air.  This could be the solution! (If you never plan on changing your clothes…)

Patagonia’s hybrid sleeping bag. Image via Gear Junkie (linked).

The Hybrid Sleeping Bag comes to market in September. With it, Patagonia tries for a new kind of sleeping system that only insulates the lower half of the body, relying on a parka for insulation on the upper half.

The idea is that you would literally wear your parka to bed and the top half of the sleeping bag is just a shell.  It’s really designed for serious mountaineers so they can reduce their carry-weight; realistically, they would be wearing a parka anyways!  Cool!

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