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Mid-year check-in.

What initially started as a New Years post has been put off sooo long that it has now become a mid-year check-in...Hey!  I'm a busy person, OK?  We'll start with my original goals and look at how I'm doing. Not all of my goals are this ridiculous, but this one makes for the best photo! Just for ... Read More

Learn Hack YOW

Today Nick and I woke up early (8 am on a Saturday??) and bused over to City Hall for Learn Hack YOW, an event put on by Open Data Ottawa. I do enjoy going to design talks when I can, but this is the first time I've gone to an event that is: 1. more focused on data and apps (generally something ... Read More


My friend and classmate, Kevin Spencer, approached me about a local charity project for Sole Responsibility. The Ottawa Running Club coach, Geordie McConnell, was looking for a couple of designers to help him build a giant shoe costume to wear while running the Ottawa Marathon. The goal was to ... Read More