Things that interest me like... the design of performance apparel, women rocking snow sports, the craft of soft-goods, & the evolution of textile-related technology. Plus my life in Vancouver.

Mid-year check-in.

What initially started as a New Years post has been put off sooo long that it has now become a mid-year check-in...Hey!  I'm a busy person, OK?  We'll start with my original goals and look at how I'm doing. Not all of my goals are this ridiculous, but this one makes for the best photo! Just for ... Read More

Shoe Inspiration

Since starting my new job as a junior footwear designer, I've been researching a lot more actively on the topic of shoes.  I thought I would share a video I cam across recently. It is a profile by Cineastas, taking a look at Mike Friton and his workspace. The video emphasizes the importance of ... Read More

Learn Hack YOW

Today Nick and I woke up early (8 am on a Saturday??) and bused over to City Hall for Learn Hack YOW, an event put on by Open Data Ottawa. I do enjoy going to design talks when I can, but this is the first time I've gone to an event that is: 1. more focused on data and apps (generally something ... Read More

Color Collective

It's funny how I can be so sure about some things, and so completely indecisive on others. Colours tend to fall into the latter category for me. I have an instant gut feeling on if I like a colour or not, but when it comes time to pick a colour scheme there are just too many options! I struggle ... Read More