Things that interest me like... the design of performance apparel, women rocking snow sports, the craft of soft-goods, & the evolution of textile-related technology. Plus my life in Vancouver.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Last month Nick and I made the trip to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro - and on February 25th, we made it to the summit! This is one of the craziest adventures I've ever been on with both literal and figurative highs and lows. I was extremely nervous heading into this trip, feeling like I wasn't very ... Read More

Spring 2017

What have I been up to in the past 6 months...Well, I accomplished one of my long-time life goals. Nick and I moved to Vancouver! We'd promised ourselves we'd start looking for the right opportunity to move approaching the end of 2017 but life has a funny way of happening sometimes.  A new ... Read More

Vicky’s Wedding

Happy New Year!!! We welcomed the new year in a really exciting fashion this time! My cousin had a NYE, black-tie wedding.  It was so fun, and the first time in 13 years that all of my 12 cousins (on my mom's side) were able to all be together.  I offered to help the bride, my cousin Vicky, with ... Read More