BJ’s Mega Tote

So since you all read my previous post (right?), you’ll know I’m now working for a great company called California Innovations.

One of the reasons I decided to make the jump was the opportunity to diversify my skill set.  One of my favourite new things to do is design prints and below are the results of my first ever print project!!  It was for  BJ’s and it’s now online for all to see.  I presented them with a few pages of print options but ultimately recommended a sort of nautical theme.  I feel like nautical never really goes out of style, and it seems to be especially trendy right now.

BJs Mega Tote2BJs Mega Tote1

California Innovations Insulated Mega Tote at BJ’s. Images as seen on BJ’s (linked)


    • Hi Denise! Thanks for your interest in the bags. I received your emails and am forwarding them to a couple of my colleagues who can hopefully help you out once our office re-opens next week. Happy New Year!

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