Hi, I’m Kim! I’m an Industrial designer in Vancouver.  I specialize in Soft Goods and Athletic Footwear.

I currently work at Native Shoes, where I take new shoes concepts and work with them until they’re functional, mass-producible, (and stylish!) product. Before this, I worked at California Innovations/Arctic Zone, where I designed and developed insulated bags for our Club store clients. I’ve also designed athletic footwear for Power Athletics (an international Bata brand) and FGL group (SportChek). While I love designing things, my favourite thing about coming to work every day is the people.  Being part of a great team is hugely important to me. I’ve been very fortunate to experience this at many of the companies I’ve worked at.

My background is multi-disciplinary and my work experience in design, development, & manufacturing environments has developed my strengths. I love to learn and constantly try to challenge myself and improve my skills as a designer and thinker. My interests range from technical to artistic, spanning a wide range of topics from sports to fashion and textiles to coding. I honestly think I could be happy designing most things – but it’s my goal to design performance apparel and outerwear.

In my free time I do a lot of physical activities and sports. Aerial silks and trail running are 2 of my favourite new activities. Skiing is one of my favourite past times. Since moving to Vancouver in March I’ve been doing a lot of exploring outdoors.