Hi, I’m Kim! I’m an Industrial Designer in Vancouver. I’ve mostly designed and developed shoes and bags. My range of experience with both large and small, mature and start-up organizations has given me a broad understanding of product design and development processes, trends and colours for different regions and customers, and project management as a whole. I am currently the Product Operations Lead at Native Shoes.

I specialize in Soft Goods and Athletic Footwear. A university course on “Design for Sports and Performance Apparel” gave purpose to my career path. I haven’t stopped pursuing a design and development career in the action sports industry ever since.  I love that my hobbies can inform my work and I just keep learning and growing. I honestly think I could be happy working in any industry but it’s my goal to design performance apparel and outerwear.

I enjoy making the workplace about more than just work. My favourite thing about coming to work every day is the people. Being part of a great team is truly important to me! I’ve help organize work events such as themed potlucks, Ice Cream Fridays, and holiday parties! I’m pretty good at making hilarious photoshopped birthday cards!

I love getting active. In my free time I do a lot of physical activities and sports like aerial silks and soccer. Since moving to Vancouver I’ve been doing a lot of exploring outdoors – more hiking and learning to ski tour!










If we don’t already know each other, let’s fix that! Do we share common interests? Do you have a cool idea you want to discuss? Feel free to send me a quick email introducing yourself to ktmthoms@gmail.com or add me on LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram. Whichever route you take, I hope to hear from you soon!
– Kim