Patagonia Re\\\collection

This new collection by Patagonia includes 10 styles that use 100% reused down, wool, and polyester. Even the labels, zippers, and buttons use a high percentage of reclaimed material!  It sounds like they explored the idea of using recycled thread but it was, unfortunately, found it to be too weak and breakable.  This article describes the great length Patagonia and their recycling partners go through to reclaim and prepare the materials for reuse. It also disucsses how properly labeling our garments could lead to easing this process in the future – think about the numbers moulded into plastic to help with sorting for recycling!  Definitely worth a read!
Patagonia’s New Super-Recycled Collection Is Super Impressive – Wired, by Margaret Rhodes

Images from Patagonia, via Wired

Patagonia’s Re\\\collection line of jackets, vests, and pants is not made exclusively from recycled materials, but it’s close. “We got as near as we could humanly get to 100 percent recycled,” says Miles Johnson, Patagonia’s creative director of product design.


Images from Patagonia, via Wired (linked)

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